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Since 1994, our goal at Beijing House Restaurant in Norwell, MA has been to be the best Chinese restaurant in town. We believe that's what's kept us around all these years. You may have noticed we've recently renovated to expand our bar area and redesign the dining room to accommodate a bar. We've also updated our menu, still including your traditional favorites and introducing a large variety of exciting new dishes.

A variety of food made from the finest ingredients

Your meal will always be prepared with the freshest ingredients. We've recently updated our menu, introducing a large variety of exciting new dishes while still including your traditional favorites. You'll love to try our daily and seasonal specials which allow our chefs to get creative. Let us know if there's something you'd enjoy but don't see on the menu; we always try to accommodate your requests.

Budget friendly food

Our menu has a 'Budget Dinners' section or you can enjoy a half-order on many of the dishes on our takeout menu. If you need special arrangements, let us design a menu to suit your needs, including traditional Chinese banquets. You can also call on us for catering and we'll provide everything from delivery to portable kitchens.

Health-conscious meals

If you're conscious of your fat and cholesterol intake, you'll be relieved to know we use only pure canola oil in all dishes and our menu includes a 'Light and Low-Cal' section. Most meals can be made without MSG upon request, and you're free to request all-white chicken meat for an additional $1.50.

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